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RFS Flow Chart


RFS-2   Software

How to use the RFS-2 Software?  

The on-screen guidelines increase the user-friendliness of the RFS-2  Software
necessary assistance at the clinician's use.

Entering the Data

There is no need to click the responses one by one if the RIAP-5 is installed on the
computer and the Sequence of Scores of the protocol has already been entered.
The software will import the data from the RIAP-5 and the user has just
to use the
same ID code in the Patient's Name
. However, if the RIAP-5 is not installed
on the computer, the clinician may use the Sequence of Scores Builder,
allows entering the coded responses of the protocol by
either keyboard or simply
clicking on the mouse. For each response the user may enter the CS codes and add
the RC Special Score if applicable. Once entered, the software calculates the RFS
scores that are necessary for interpretation. The on-screen guidelines assist with
program navigation.


With the RFS Software it is possible to export all protocol data to a Microsoft Word
document report. 
The Export feature allows the clinician to select the protocols
to be exported.


RFS-2 Software Interface


Download the RFS-2 Software


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