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The Rorschach Psychoanalytic Science and Practice (RPSP)

Tibon-Czopp, S., & Weiner, I. B., (in press)

The Rorschach Psychoanalytic Science and Practice (RPSP; Tibon-Czopp, & Weiner, in press) is a model developed for the psychoanalytically oriented clinician who is interested in evidence-based practice. The model applies Wallerstein’s (2009) ideas concerning research in psychoanalytic science and represents primarily what might be defined as Weiner's Legacy for Rorschach work (Weiner, 2003). Accordingly, the RPSP was designed to integrate the empirically based Rorschach Comprehensive System (CS; Exner, 2003) with psychoanalytic conceptualization, providing a diagnosis in terms of the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM). In this context, using the Rorschach for assessing mental functioning is strictly an applied scientific activity that integrates empirical findings, including those derived from recent neuroscience studies (e.g., Spence et al., 2009) with a variety of psychoanalytic perspectives. The RPSP recommended guidelines basically preserve the CS administration instructions of uncontrolled number of responses, coding procedures, and international reference data, while allowing different perspectives on interpretation derived from CS and non CS constellations that showed predictive validity.

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